The Revolution in Luxury Fitness and Life Enhancement Services is Happening in Asia

Asian demand for luxury goods and products has undoubtedly expanded into a desire to look good, feel good and live a better quality of life.

That appetite has enabled California Fitness & Yoga Centers to have grown from 1 club in 2007 to 25 clubs in 2016, with over 100,000 members paying an average of $1,000 in membership fees per year.

However, realizing that there was still a large segment of members who wanted both a higher standard of service, along with the exclusivity and luxury which they have become accustomed to in other areas of their life, a new, premium membership, known as Centuryon, was created.

Centuryon was created for the select few who demand nothing less than the very best,

Depending on the level of service and benefits, a Centuryon membership starts at $8,000 and goes up to over $24,000 per year.

Centuryon print ad featuring singer, Ho Ngoc Ha.

Centuryon first originated as a way to add value to current members of California Fitness & Yoga Centers.

“Built within California Fitness and Yoga Clubs, yet separate and accessible only by bio-metric scan, Centuryon became an instant success. Limited to only 100 memberships per club, it allowed us to develop a dedicated team of fitness experts committed to providing truly outstanding life enhancement programs and services in a more personalized and comfortable environment.”

Randy Dobson – Chairman.

Centuryon area within a California Club with fingerprint access

The next step was to open Centuryon only clubs.

In 2014, Centuryon Royal City in Hanoi, Vietnam, became the first flagship Centuryon only club to open in Asia. Here’s what it’s like….

Every Centuryon member recieves a dedicated Personal Trainer.

A concierge Personal Trainer is a fitness expert who is assigned to each member and is available by phone 24/7, along with 3 to 5 training sessions per week, including unlimited In-Body fitness assessments and nutrition planning.

There is also unlimited small group training.

Dubbed the PTX2 Zone, or Personal Training Extreme Experience Zone, these small group personal training programs focus on high intensity and cardiovascular workouts. With multiple classes throughout the day, a Centuryon member can drop by to join a session at a time that is most convenient for them.

The club is designed with luxury and quality top-of-mind.

The weights area is stylishly designed and equipped with imported, Italian Technogym machines while all cardio equipment boasts smart, LED touch screens which not only have full internet access but also connect to any wearable device, which allows a Personal Trainer to monitor and track their client’s vitals and performance.

Drinks and nutritious snacks are all inclusive and personalized meal catering is available upon request.

The Excelsior lounge, with it’s trendy design and lighting, provides members with an area to refresh and relax while enjoying drinks and snacks that are included in their membership. Additionally, personalized meal services are also available through partnered vendors.

The yoga experience is incredible.

Separated from the rest of the club, to create a different, authentic atmosphere, the yoga area offers a unique environment with it’s own lounge for members to relax in before or after their classes.

One on one yoga sessions, known as Yogi & I, are also included in memberships.

Singer, Ho Ngoc Ha, practicing Yogi & I with Centuryon Master Yogi, Assim.

Mixed Martial Arts is practiced in style.

Mixed Martial Arts and individual, one-on-one programs, such as Kick Fit, are also available. With both a Gladiator MMA ring and a Ludus Maximus themed heavy bag section, Centuryon members can punch, kick and fight their way into a higher level of health and endurance.

Actor, Ho Vinh Khoa, and actress, Hoang Thuy, pose in front of the Centuryon MMA ring.

An indoor track also allows for explosive training and conditioning.

The extravagance continues into the vanity and locker area.

From chandeliers and golden amenities to a separate, fully stocked make up and styling area, every inch of Centuryon, including the bathrooms, has been designed with luxury in mind.

Every step of the experience has been meticulously prepared.

Each member receives their own private locker, which is stocked daily with a fresh bathrobe, towel, slippers and water for their every visit.

Centuryon would not be complete without a pool.

Used for either exercise or relaxation, the Centuryon pool, Jacuzzi and dry sauna – with their dimly lit pink and purple toned lights, is among the most popular features of the club.