Women in Asia Are Paying up to $54,000 A Year At This Beauty Clinic

While plastic surgery and controversial beauty treatments have become increasingly common worldwide, one clinic has chosen to combine natural beauty philosophies with modern technology and luxurious hospitality to service clientele who would prefer to non-invasively and safely enhance their natural appearance.

Since it’s initial South East Asia launch just six months ago, fueled by it’s unique approach and high quality standards, the clinic has now expanded to three locations throughout Ho Chi Minh City with thousands of clients lining up to be part of it’s E-Club and elite Empress Club memberships.

Welcome To Eri International Beauty Clinic

With initial services starting at a few hundred dollars, prices quickly can reach up to $54,000 USD per year to be a member of the Eri International Empress Club.

The clinic has become a go to beauty destination for the Asian elite. Regular clients inlcude Miss Universe 2007 winner, Rio Mori, and singer/businesswoman, Ho Ngoc Ha.

Originating in Tokyo and later expanding into South East Asia in partnership with California Management Group, Eri International was founded by Dr. Eri Katagiri, Japan’s leading internal medicine doctor, dermatologist and anti-aging expert who rose to become the most sought after beauty provider throughout the country, and globally, having treated over 100,000 patients.

 Miss Universe 2007 winner, Riyo Mori, from Japan with Vietnamese singer and businesswoman, Ho Ngoc Ha, meeting Dr. Eri Katagiri in Eri Clinic’s main office.

2015 Miss Universe Vietnam, Pham Huong, received treatment directly from Dr. Eri Katagiri before participating in the pageant.

2015 Miss Universe Vietnam, Pham Huong, shown with Ho Ngoc Ha, received treatment directly from Dr. Eri Katagiri before participating in the Miss Universe pageant.

Actresses Chi Pu and Gil Le, with a combined online presence of over 10,000,000 followers, also frequent Eri International.

Actresses Chi Pu and Gil Le consulting with Dr. Eri Katagiri.

A luxury, all-inclusive environment keeps clients excited for their every visit.

Each client receives a private room, including VIP robe and concierge services. With custom made golden crystal chandeliers adding an extravagant touch and complementing the imported Italian quartz stone walls and floors, the clinic resembles a six star hotel over a hospital.

Private rooms also feature golden amenities such as a sink and private shower.

Guests can enjoy drinks and concierge services, such as valet service and unlimited skin assessments and analysis, in the exclusive Client’s Lounge before and after their treatments.

Natural beauty enhancement with zero recovery time over invasive surgery.

Unlike drastic surgical procedures, patients can enjoy treatments with minimal recovery time due to Dr. Eri’s unique approach. Since the human body is largely made up of water itself, rejuvenating the skin with moisturizing methods is a key component to curing unwanted conditions.

Specialized services include skin whitening, anti-aging, acne removal, wrinkle reduction, dark spot treatment and other common skin and beauty concerns.

Non-surgical aesthetic treatments, including Botox and Dysport injections, are also available, mainly to ease signs of aging (crows feet, smile lines, other wrinkles) and enhance features (nose, chin, lips, jawline, cheekbones.)

Women love that they look better and that nobody knows how or why.

One of the biggest concerns regarding plastic surgery is the drastic, sometimes unnatural looking alterations that can occur in a person’s appearance. The unique methods of Eri International focus on improving a person’s skin and natural look while enhancing any desired facial features and overall appearance.

With essentially no down time, the makeup room allows busy women to receive their treatments and then pamper themselves before resuming their day.

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