Victory for CMG.Asia at Annual Smarties Awards

California Fitness and Yoga Center, in conjunction with Red2 Digital, took home the gold in this year’s Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Smarties Awards. The annual awards are organised by the MMA and honour creativity, innovation and achievement in the field of Mobile Marketing and measuring the degree of success when mobile is used as the core marketing strategy.

CMG.Asia Executives at the Smarties Awards

California Fitness and Yoga received nominations in 2 categories

The campaign, Step Up Vietnam, earned nominations in the Cross Media/Cross Mobile Integration and the Promotion categories. CFYC and Red2 Digital won gold in the Promotion category, beating out competition such as Unilever, Naver, Samsung and Leo Burnett.

Step Up Vietnam was a mobile and social campaign aimed at inspiring the next generation of gym goers

In Vietnam fitness can often be seen as a niche activity, rather than part of the mainstream therefore the goal of the campaign was to connect California Fitness to passive prospective clients and encourage them to get involved and purchase a membership. The campaign connected with the audiences emotional needs in order to push them to take a step towards a higher level of fitness and, in doing so, changed the way Vietnam thinks about fitness and health.

California Fitness and Yoga and Red2 Digital’s Step Up Vietnam Campaign Video

As a result, California Fitness and Yoga Center’s Facebook community grew to 1.3 million unique users

In addition, 89,440 new leads were generated and 40,000 new members joined CFYC, each at approximately $800 a membership.

At the end of 2015 the Facebook APAC head office, based out of Singapore, recognised CFYC as one of the top advertisers in Southeast Asia

In regards to marketing performance and results using the platform on both desktop and mobile, CFYC was able to reach over 9 million people. In 5 months alone California Fitness experienced a 15x return on ad spend and a 10% increase in membership sales.