Release of Yeah1CMG’s First Feature Film Marks Expansion into Cinema

Wednesday the 30th of November marked the release of CMG.Asia’s first feature film, Closer to You, as part of a new joint venture with the Yeah1! Network. The Yeah1 Network is a multi-channel network, with currently more than 15 billion views and 33 million subscribers on YouTube as well as 25 million fans on Facebook.

CMG.Asia’s growing portfolio of businesses includes almost twenty brands across a range of industries including fitness, medical, retail and entertainment.

Randy Dobson, Chairman of CMG.Asia, at the premier of “Closer to You”

The collaboration between corporations was born out of a demand for high quality, locally produced content

Both companies have extensive experience in the entertainment industry and the new partnership will not only produce feature films but also invest in and market new movies, leveraging off vast networks of both clients and fans. In addition to “Closer to You,” Yeah1CMG has plans to release a further 6 movies within the next 12 months.

Miss Universe Vietnam 2015, Pham Huong

I think the timing couldn’t be better for us. There is a young, growing middle class looking for entertainment and now a large enough number of theaters to be able to have the audience reach needed – Randy Dobson, Chairman of CMG.Asia, to The Saigon Times

Randy Dobson on the cover of Saigon Times Weekly

“I think Yeah1CMG will bring a fresh perspective and be able to add significant value to the industry.  I don’t see this so much as us competing with other film producers, quite the contrary. I believe we will be able to add significant value to the other film producers and help this industry to really grow and get stronger.  This industry will benefit from having multiple production companies; in fact, it’s an absolute necessity to have them if we want the industry to grow. “

Entertainment has always been a core part of the company

Expansion into cinema was a natural next step in helping to further develop the Life Enhancement Ecosystem Platform created by Randy Dobson. Of the four pillars making up the foundation of the platform (fitness, medical, media and retail), media is the one that gives the company a voice and begins conversations in communities.

Randy Dobson and celebrity couple, Quang Hung and Quynh Chau

The A-list cast comprised of Vo Dinh Hieu, Jun Yu and Khanh My

Stars of “Closer to You,” Vo Dinh Hieu and Jun Yu

Actress, Khanh My, at the premier

The theme of the film was sung by “The Voice”2012 winner, Huong Tram. Celebrity guests attending the premier included singer, Son Ngoc Minh, Miss Universe Vietnam 2015, Pham Huong, Emcee and actor, Quynh Chi, Quang Hung and Quynh Chau.

Huong Tram, singer of the “Closer to You” theme song

Singer, Son Ngoc Minh

Quynh Chi poses for the paparazzi

The red carpet event of the premier was broadcast live on the official fan page of California Fitness and Yoga Centers Vietnam.

Phong, K. “From Fitness to Films.” Saigon Times Weekly 10 Dec. 2016: 24-25. Print.