Annual Leadership Summit Sees Executives Devise Comprehensive Strategy for the Future

Held from February 4-9, in the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang this year, the annual Leadership Summit is where directors and executives from CMG.Asia gather for a 4 day retreat and training course. The course focuses on building a culture of high performance and leadership, in addition to how to be a good team leader and lead a team effectively, both in terms of mentality and strategy.

Randy Dobson, Chairman of CMG.Asia, welcomes the executives to the annual Leadership Summit

The Summit opened with a presentation from CMG.Asia Chairman, Randy Dobson

The presentation covered the growth CMG.Asia has experienced recently, clubs that opened (thirteen in 2016 alone) and new brands that launched; including three Yoga Plus centers, CaliKids Academy and the long awaited UFC Gym. The composition and leaders of each division were included and recent internal promotions recognized with the employee receiving their new business cards.

Newly promoted Director of Treatments for Eri International, Dr. Loan Huynh, receiving her business cards

Enjoying dinner and a fire show post-presentation

Day two opened with sunrise yoga overlooking the beach

Yoga with a view

CMG.Asia employees are encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle, even while travelling. Optional morning yoga was available for those who wanted to begin their day with light exercise.

Maintaining a balance between work and pleasure

A Leadership Culture

Day two’s talk, Leadership Culture, was given by Randy Dobson. Focusing on the Four Pillars for a Culture of High Performance (control, growth, contribution and social connection), this presentation was aimed at demonstrating the power of effective leadership and introducing the OWN Process, a system developed by Randy as an effective guide for achieving one’s goals.

The afternoon session was centered on working on Major Business Outcomes (MBOs) for each division or brand to focus on in the coming year. People worked together to discuss their outcomes and create SWOTs before presenting them to the rest of the group for analysis. Before leaving all the directors and executives were asked to rework and redefine their outcomes in the spirit of constant improvement.

Joel Bourke, Executive Vice President of Operations, and Wati Bidin, Director of Member Services, presenting their SWOT analysis

The Group X team was on hand to keep everyone energised

Taking a break with Group X

Every hour California Fitness and Yoga’s Group X team came out to reinvigorate the group and keep them moving. This also gave the team a chance for a break and to refocus their minds before continuing with the day’s presentations.

The Summit wasn’t all business

Celebrating 10 years of “Making Life Better”

After a day of hard work everyone had some well-earned fun at the Skylight restaurant and rooftop. Dinner, drinks and even a photo booth kept the group entertained and helped them unwind.

Executives enjoying the photo booth

The executives and directors combined work with play at the Beach Olympics

The third day of the summit began with Beach Olympics. The group indulged in some healthy competition with a sack race, bucket relay and a human tunnel race.

Dane Fort and Randy Dobson provided the group with a comprehensive explanation, analysis and demonstration of the OWN Process

CEO of CMG.Asia, Dane Fort, presented in conjunction with Randy later in the morning with the focal point of the day being the OWN Process. They demonstrated in depth how to use the process to identify and solve problems within each division (with a special emphasis on solving the root problem and not the symptoms) and create effective Major Business Outcomes with the use of three case studies.

CEO of CMG.Asia, Dane Fort

The afternoon and evening was dedicated to using the OWN Process to define three major and three minor outcomes for each division for the rest of the year. Following that, a Major Business Outcomes calendar was created so that each individual division would have clear KPIs.

Dane Fort and executives discussing their MBOs

The last session was devoted to Major Business Outcomes and the importance they play in the workplace

Dane and Randy leading the recital of the California Creed

The final session of the Summit was a return to the OWN Process. Utilising all they had learned over the past three days, work continued on their MBOs from day two before presenting the improved outcomes to the team once again.

Group presentation of their major business outcomes

“Who are we? CMG!”

At CMG.Asia, Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back to the community plays a big role

As part of CMG.Asia’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, the final afternoon was spent with a local Social Center that supports all ages, from babies to the elderly. Donations of food, baby formula, wheel chairs and toys were given, with each of the executives fully engaging in the experience.

The CMG.Asia team with the Social Support Center, Khanh Hoa