CMG.ASIA Launches Pioneering M_KING LIFE _ETTER – Blood is Life Campaign

This year, health and fitness industry leader CMG.ASIA celebrates 10 years of being in operation. As the first large-scale corporate social responsibility activity for the year, they have launched the “M_KING LIFE _ETTER – Blood is Life” campaign, aimed at raising awareness about the positive impact of blood donation, with events taking place throughout the month of May.18581931_10212622291862921_703704828425928175_n

Randy Dobson joined Blood is Life

The first step in the campaign begins with the “Lost Letters,” also known as Missing Type, on the neon signs of California Fitness and Yoga Centers, and in the company slogan of “Making Life Better,” nationwide. Missing Type is a part of the global blood donation campaigns to remind people about the importance of giving blood and to raise awareness about the urgency of the situation, with many blood centers having low reserves.

The Missing Type campaign began in England but quickly spread throughout the world. Now, companies like Google and Microsoft all remove the letters A, B and O from their logos to take part in this humanitarian campaign.

Many brands participate in the global Missing Type campaign

CMG.ASIA has organised for a blood donation event to take place on the 22nd of May, at the California Fitness and Yoga Center in District 4, for all employees and sponsors who wish to donate. Additionally, CMG.ASIA has also mobilized a team of celebrities and KOL’s (Key Opinion Leaders) to take part in M_AKING LIFE _ETTER campaign, who will change their Facebook avatars and participate in the blood donation event.

At CMG.ASIA, we are interested in “Making Life Better.” Through this social responsibility event we hope to donate enough blood to help the low reserves of local hospitals. Next is to change the public perception about blood donation. Donating blood is not harmful to your health in any way and can someone’s life, can help someone here in Vietnam have a better life” – Randy Dobson, Founder and Chairman of CMG.ASIA

Randy Dobson, Founder and Chairman of CMG.ASIA