Discover CMG.ASIA

CMG.ASIA is the culmination of over twenty years of innovation across multiple industries which have been brought together to form a true ecosystem of life enhancement that adds value to our client’s lives.

In 2007, we entered the Vietnam market with California Fitness & Yoga, the first and largest international fitness company to open in Vietnam. With a clear company mission of “Making Life Better” California Fitness & Yoga became a dynamic lifestyle center that inspires, entertains and energizes the communities it serves along with its more than 3000 team members.

From the inception of our first fitness & lifestyle center, we’ve maintained the belief that our company culture is our most valuable asset and have worked to cultivate a “High Performance Culture”.

Our Financial Partners

In 2013, Mizuho became a strategic financial partner of CMG.ASIA fueling rapid development and expansion


CMG.ASIA owns & manages over a dozen brands across 4 key industry verticals that form into a Life Enhancement Ecosystem Platform (LEEP) which integrate and add value across multiple aspects of our client’s lives.

Consisting of Fitness, Medical, Media Entertainment and Early Childhood Development, along with retail distribution across all locations, these 4 verticals enable CMG.ASIA to cater to the needs and wellbeing of our client’s throughout the different stages of their life.